MINI     $200+     2hrs / includes hair cut

If you are wanting a simple accent or refresh around the face/hair line this service is for you.

MAINTENANCE     $265+     2.5hrs / includes hair cut

This is for most returning clients. We have achieved your hair goals and we are now maintaining and refreshing your hair color or doing minimal tweaks.

FULL     $295+     3.5hrs / includes hair cut

If you have a goal of being all over lighter or any previous dark color in your hair, this is where we’ll start. If you are a new client to me this is what I’ll recommend to start.

MEGA     $385+     4hrs / includes hair cut

Mega blonding is recommended for anyone wanting to be as blonde as their heart desires. If you have extra lengthen hair this is also for you, to ensure I have the appropriate amount of time to create your hair dreams.

TRANSFORMATION     $100/hr     consultation required

This is for corrective blonding situations. If you are in need of extra time and attention or need evening out previous blonde or color – this is for you.

GLOSS REFRESH     $120     1.5hrs

I highly recommend this service in between sessions to help keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant.


HAIR CUT     $75     1hr

Includes shampoo, cut, dry & style

HAIR CUT EXTRA LONG/THICK     $90     1.5hr

Includes shampoo, dry & style

BLOW DRY & STYLE     $50     1hr

Includes shampoo, dry & style

BLOW DRY & STYLE W. EXTENSIONS     $75     1.5hr

Includes shampoo, dry & style


A style created by your inspiration for any special event


This can be added to any blonding or hair cut service

Let’s make your hair dreams a reality.

All first time clients require a consultation
in person or by photo submission.



I understand that life happens and we can’t control everything, but please allow at least 24 hours notice for any cancellation or reschedule of your appointment. This allows me ample time to try and accommodate any standby clients. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled service. No shows and same day cancellation will be charged 100% of the scheduled service amount.


If you are running late to your appointment please give me a courtesy call so I know you’re on your way. If you are more than 15 minutes late to you scheduled appointment your appointment WILL need to be rescheduled or modified. My appointments are based on a specific amount of time and if I don’t have the allotted amount of time, I won’t be able to serve you to my best ability.


I take pride in my exceptional work and excellent client care. I do NOT issue any refunds on any of my services. My services are my time and that I can not get back. However, should you have any questions or concerns about the service you received, please notify me with in 1 week of your scheduled service. I will make every effort to make any adjustments to your satisfaction. Your hair and happiness is what’s most important to me.


All clients are required to have a card on file to have any scheduled service. There will be a 50% deposit for any new client, new extension client, and bridal services. Deposits will b e applied at the time of service. All deposits are non refundable.


I’m a mom too, I totally get it. But for the safety of our children and the comfort of you, please do not bring children to your scheduled appointment. This time is for you and you shouldn’t have to compromise your relaxation. If child care has become an issue for you and you can no longer make it to your scheduled appointment, please communicate with me and I would gladly find a more appropriate time.

Kyra Devens Hair Portfolio



Kyra Devens Hair Portfolio


Kyra Devens Hair Portfolio